Company History

These are some of the machines that my wife bought while I was unemployed.

We started our business in January 2011, after I built a little woodshop in my grandma in law's garage.  Our first machine purchse was a Craftsman scroll saw ($205). 

Within the following five months, we added a Craftsman sander ($143), a table saw ($110), a band saw ($144), drill press ($174), and router ($108).

Our first customer was Gladys Uri.  She ordered three name puzzles for triplets born into her family.  We are thankful to Gladys for having confidence in our product. 

We're thankful to Jesse Bishop, our first online customer who, on September 11, 2011, purchased an aligator puzzle. 

We're thankful to our frequent 'beauty shop' customers: Betty Wykoff, Bishop John and Jane Groom, Pete Johnson, and Dixie Necochea. 

We're also grateful to our 'friend customers', Dawn Heuft, Joel Marchese, The Coburn Family, Cathy and Don Olson, and Patti Ashmun.

In 2012, we added to our wood shop a DeWalt planer ($569) and a Shop Fox dust collector ($316). 

We want to thank our online customers that help our Etsy business grow.  X. Ryan, Cortny and Elliott, and the others that frequent our Etsy shop.

We are also thankful to our international customers Angela Elliott from Australia, Fiona Roberts from Australia, and Erica Foss from Canada.

We are grateful that our customers choose to purchse our products when so many others are available.  It is our goal to continue to provide beautifully made toys. 

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