Our Family

We were married by Bishop John Groom in the Church in Lakeside, California - 2005

Our Sealing at San Diego Temple in 2008
Where I (Ivan) learned English language?
I was born and grew up in Bulgaria.
From 1990 till 1993, I lived and worked in Munich, Germany.
There I was baptized (August 12, 1990) and became a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, LDS.
In Munich, I spent time (trying to help with translation) after work (working as a Quality Assistant at pvb medizintechnik GmbH) with the missionaries from the United States of America who were communicating in English between them and I asked them lots of questions. Sometimes the missionaries would give me a scripture to read and ponder upon it.

Some of my favorite scriptures are:
From The Book of Mormon: Alma 26:12 (since 1992), 1 Nephi 4 (since July 1993), Alma 30 (since January 1994), Moroni 7:6-10 (since January 1994)
From The Bible: Luke 2 (since 1990), The Book of Job (since January 1994) 

When I came to The United States, I went very often to the library in Lakeside to learn how to do some repairs and remodeling in my parents in law's house. I also went there to learn wooden toys making technique and to find toy patterns. I am very happy for the new building of the library in Lakeside, California. It is looking very nice inside too and it has lot of books and modern technology.

The Library in Lakeside, California - opened in March 2023

The third member of our family - Lucky, Jack Russell Mix, Picture: September 2015
He had a lung cancer removing surgery in 2020.
After that he developed diabetes and became blind as a result of it.
Curranty he is receiving an insulin shot and eye drops twice daily.
He is still alive and doing well. 

Since 2005 (when I came to the United States) till now, we have visited many beautiful places in the United States
From 2008 till 2019 we have visited about 15 National Parks and many National Monuments and historic places. I, Ivan, hope that I have been a good travel companion, as I did not have any income more than the half of this time period.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Temple Square - December 2005

Disneyland - Anaheim, California - from 2005 to 2019

Grand Canyon, Arizona - July 2008


Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - December 2008

Redwood National Park - California - August 2011

Arches National Park - Grand County, Utah - April 2014

Chaco Culture National Historical Park - New Mexico - April 2014

Mesa Verde National Park - Montezuma County, Colorado - April 2014

Four Corners National Monument - April 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado - April 2014

Lake Arrowhead - California - August 2014

Death Valley National Park - California - December 2014

Mount Rushmore National Memorial - South Dakota - August 2015

Glacier National Park - Montana - August 2015

Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, Montana, Idaho - August 2015

With Mike Wazowski - California Adventure - March 2019

View from the top of Gateway Arch - St. Louis, Missouri - June 2019

The top of Gateway Arch - St. Louis, Missouri - June 2019

Jim Beam Distillery - Clermont, Kentucky - June 2019
We do not drink alcohol but we enjoyed the tour.

Jack Daniels Distillery - Lynchburg, Tennessee - June 2019

Moundville Alabama - June 2019

Elvis' Birthplace - Tupelo, Mississippi - June 2019

Graceland - Memphis, Tennessee - June 2019

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace - Larue County, Kentucky - June 2019

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage - Nashville, Tennessee - June 2019

Bill Clinton Presidential Library - Little Rock, Arkansas - June 2019

Bill Clinton Presidential Library - Little Rock, Arkansas - June 2019

San Diego Hornblower - November 2022

We obey all the laws as written in The Constitution of The United States of America and

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